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    Singer, Songwriter & Producer

    Rebecka Aldana was born in Matagalpa (Nicaragua). She took her first steps in music in 2004 with the group UMANKA and then with Las Nenas-El Lado Femenino.


    She began her solo career collaborating with Nicaraguan bands such as Camerata Bach, JazzTa, Staccato Jazz, sharing in the best stages of Nicaragua, such as Hard Rock Cafe, the Rubén Darío National Theater, Ruta Maya with well-known artists such as Tránsito Gutiérrez, Mario Sacasa, Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy, Nieves Martinez and many more from different countries.


    In recent years she had the opportunity to sing at international events in the United States, Arabian Peninsula-Oman, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Honduras and Costa Rica. She participated for several years in the International Bolero Festival organized in Nicaragua and also collaborated for the International Jazz Day at the Manuel Bonilla National Theater in Honduras.


    She has recently started a career as an independent singer-songwriter and producer, launching the show Ladies Music Tour, an incredible and unexpected experience with 14 artists on stage presenting the "Latin Broadway".



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    Celebrating 20 years of "Latin fusion" musical journey

    Inspired by a wide spectrum of musical styles and influences, what makes Rebecka a unique artist is her ability to fuse all of these influences into her own artistic proposal.


    Annalisa, Vanesa Martin, Olivia Dean, Kany García, Lila Downs, Amy Winehouse...


    Her ability to combine elements of Latin pop, soul, pop, funk, jazz and popular themes into her music makes her a versatile and captivating performer, capable of delivering an emotionally impactful experience.


    This amalgamation of influences, her distinctive style and her energy on stage are the key factors that allow her to deliver a unique musical journey.


    Shows & Albums

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    Ladies Music Tour

    "El Broadway Latino"

    Rebecka Aldana made her first major production with the LADIES MUSIC TOUR Show, "EL BROADWAY LATINO", accompanied by 4 Nicaraguan singers and a spectacular band of 10 musicians


    2 PRIMETIME ON THE "VOSTV CHANNEL", 30 & 31.12.2023!!!



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    "Bolero Fusión" - Live Album

    Recorded live at the El Gato Theater in February 2023 (Nicaragua), this concert is a new self-production by Rebecka Aldana, with the exceptional participation of Maryan Cuevas (piano), Bruno Gallardo (guitar), Kevin Bojorge (bass), Frank Espino (drums), Geff Vilbert (sax)

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    Opening Show #InesperadoTour Pandora & Flans oficial - 03.2023

    After the success of the Ladies Music Tour, in December 2022, you have been invited to open Pandora & Flans' big #InesperadoTour show in Managua. Sharing the stage with the guest artists, Rebecka offered an excerpt from her production, the show "El Broadway Latino" in front of more than 4,000 enthusiastic people.

  • BigBand in Honduras - 04.2022

    Rebecka had the honor of sharing the stage of the National Theater of Tegucigalpa (Honduras) with the BigBand Hibriduz Colectivo Juvenil... a great moment for the International Jazz Day #IDJ2022 under the musical direction of Brian Pagoaga

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    Rebecka YouTube channel is an excellent space to enjoy different excerpts from Albums, live or streaming concerts.


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